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Driving efficiencies in automotive logistics.

The complex structures of the automotive industry impose huge challenges on logistics services. With our global expertise, we can offer you customized transportation and logistics solutions that meet all your requirements.

We are a reliable logistics partner for local as well as global automotive companies and their suppliers. DB Schenker serves the most reputable players in the automotive industry and complies with all common industry standards.

DB Schenker has a powerful history of providing transportation and logistics solutions to Automotive and heavy manufacturing industries. Our customer portfolio includes many of the world’s largest OEMs, Tier 1, and Tier 2 suppliers. Deliver supplies for production and assembly lines at 5 plants in Malaysia within 4 hours of lead-time and spare part centre for after sales service.

We provide :

  • Pre-Delivery-Inspection
  • Domestic distribution
  • Supplier Parts Collection
  • Tailored Milk-Run Concept
  • Tailored Reverse Logistics
  • Cross-docking
  • JIT/Synchronize
  • Line Side Delivery
  • Spare parts storage and distribution

Industry Focus
DB Schenker services the complete supply chain, from raw materials, to pre-production, production, aftermarket and enhancement products. Our experiences are from providing the most complex solutions to leading auto manufacturers and have been recognized in the Asia Pacific region for our Automotive Logistics Expertise. Our Automotive Solutions assist customers such as:

  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors and Dealers
  • Materials and Component Suppliers
  • Accessories and Durables

DB Schenker customizes its logistics services to the respective customer requirements and manages the targeted processes, combining them with the most appropriate IT, warehousing, production or transport resources. As needs and processes evolve, DB Schenker can build on these foundations and increase its operational and management role to further facilitate and streamline supply chain activities over time.

Last modified: 23.03.2016

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