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High-Tech Industry Solutions

At DB Schenker, we take a true collaborative approach in every program that we pursue, research, develop or execute to ensure successful manufacturing, inventory planning, procurement, transportation, warehousing and customer service solutions.

As a global market leader in logistics services for the electronics industry, we fulfill your requirements with proven concepts or by working with you to develop customized and innovative solutions. Safe and reliable delivery of your shipments is important to us, so we provide end-to-end visibility and make use of special products, e.g. land transport, air and ocean freight. In Contract Logistics/SCM efficiency programs like Six Sigma and 5s/POP improve our processes for you on a continuous basis.

Our partnerships are structured to assist customers in expediting their flow of materials and new products, accessing new markets across the globe, developing new channels of distribution, customizing services and forging new value-added relationships with suppliers and customers, especially in the innovative fast paced high-tech industry where fast and efficient supply chain is vital.

DB Schenker has developed a complete strategy and worldwide network for our supply chain partners that produce concrete results. These proven results and our international scope illustrated that companies implementing our programs with advanced IT systems that are designed to deliver the best business solutions, have realized improvements in information availability, lower costs, inventory reductions, return on assets, increased throughput and better cash flows.

Our range of products for the high-tech industry: 

  • Materials Provisioning Solutions comprise the management of all inbound processes, from raw material replenishment through to warehousing, kitting & production supply:
    - Inventory Management 
    - Production VMI 
    - Kitting Processes 
    - Just In Time Replenishment
  • Fulfillment spans all outbound processes involving finished products or spare parts: from order management to warehousing, configuration, picking and dispatch.
    - Fulfillment Process 
    - Fulfillment VMI 
    - Order Management
    - Value Added Services
    - Spare Parts Depot Network
  • Reverse Logistics Solutions include return material management (RMA) and thus associated warehousing activities for test, exchange, test, repair and new parts.

Our experience with customers operating in the high-tech industry includes the following:

  • Managing VMI hubs for OEMs close to manufacturing sites for JIT replenishment.
  • Operating fulfillment hubs in APAC for OEMs, delivering finished goods to channel partners and end-customers in the APAC region.
  • Performing reverse logistics operations for consumer electronics companies, managing returns, performing product diagnostics and light repairs, and fulfilling replacement orders from the spare parts depot.

With our vast experience from our customer base in supply chain solutions for the high-tech industry, coupled with the global network and advance IT systems, DB Schenker offers the complete logistics solution for our customers and can help optimize your supply chain to minimize inventory and waste, enhance speed to market, and deliver flawless customer service.

Last modified: 14.06.2017

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