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Fashionably efficient

Keeping pace with today’s retail market.

In retail, profitability depends on being quick to market. You’re only as profitable as the items you can sell. In retail, demand can turn on a  dime, and success depends on being quick to market. DB Schenker’s flexible solutions give you the agility to respond to trends and fluctuations, and get product onto shelves when it needs to be there.

Our retail team designs flexible logistics solutions that let you ship quickly. DB Schenker Logistics Solutions enables you to make changes on the flight, and get items into stores sooner. An extensive network of global transit hubs gets your products from production to final delivery quickly, reliably and cost-efficiently and gives you the edge you need to succeed in a fiercely competitive market. We offer optimized distributions for rapidly shifting market demands, global sourcing, security and risk management,  vendor and inventory management, shipping to emerging markets, buyers consolidations and GOH specialty services to get your products to the right place at the right time at the right cost – every time.

Apart from traditional transportation requirements, DB Schenker offers customized solutions for the Retail Industry:

  • VAS Services: Re-packaging & Re-labelling
  • Line Supply / Kitting
  • Storage Aircond & Non-Aircond, Bonded & Non-bonded
  • Origin services; Milk-run, QC, consolidation, pick to store, staging, labeling, tagging
  • Special projects arrangement (warehouse sales, new store  opening, outlets sales)
  • Nationwide Distribution
  • Nationwide Consolidation Services
  • ASEAN Landbridge SIN/THAI up to China
  • Return Management (QC)
  • Supply chain analysis & design
  • DC operation catered for Fashion Retail, both B2B and B2C
  • Shop distribution throughout APAC, including B2C competencies
  • E-Commerce fulfillment services; process optimization, network design, systems setup and integration, peak season handling


With the fast changes in the market place, DB Schenker’s various visibility products will be the key to success in your supply chain. We tailor-make solutions to fit your requirements in terms of visibility, reliability, flexibility, scalability. Our solutions support your high quality standards, be it for the transportation or DC portions of your supply chain.

Last modified: 23.03.2016

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