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Corporate Volunteering is integrated into DB Schenkers career and development programs. Here, we also focus on the four main areas: Humanitarian Aid, Education & Culture, Integration & Social Work, and Climate Protection & Conservation.

DB Schenker has been involved in social projects in Germany and around the world for years. As a multinational mobility and logistics company and one of Germany's largest employers and providers of training, it feels a particular responsibility for the development of society as a whole and puts this responsibility to practice. Based on the conviction that success is measured not only in financial terms, DB Schenker uses its capabilities to live up to this responsibility.


Trainees experience charitable work
Social engagement is an important aspect of our international Trainee programs “TALENTS@DB Schenker” and “euroTRAIL”. To prepare our talents for the logistical responsibilities of our time, we regularly organize social events.

Trainees supported social project by active field work

During the qualification week , all trainees of the international trainee program “Talents@DB Schenker” visited the multi-generation house in Essen-Frohnhausen, Germany and supported the social project by active field work.
This included renovating the kindergarten and experiencing common yard work. The multi-generation house “St. Anna” is an initiative to support and connect the neighborhood and to promote the exchange between generations.

Social responsibility is an essential part of our trainee program, besides the stations in various departments. All trainees participate in qualification weeks which aim to strengthen their social skills as well as cross-functional business know-how and cultural awareness.

Entering a whole other world for a short time – that’s just one part of DB Schenkers new executive leadership program, STEPforward. And the first group of participants surely did step forward, as they performed good deeds all over the world.

DB Schenker managers focus on social responsibility

Along with other international placement programs, JOINin and LEAPup, the new STEPforward is one of the building blocks of the DB Schenker Campus. STEPforward consists of five three-day modules over 18 months. A maximum of 16 individuals take part and they’re nominated by their managers. The would-be participants are chosen using a multi-level process involving Board Members and the Human Resources department. And the first round of STEPforward started November 11, 2013.

Part of STEPforward’s focus is sustainability and social responsibility. And it was here that participants in the pilot program excelled.
One woman and her team organized an Octoberfest in a retirement home – the party, inspired by Munich’s famous Octoberfest, brought the home’s inhabitants a lot of joy. Another participant from Austria and his team renovated washrooms used by the homeless and those with substance abuse problems. And in Peru, a DB Schenker staffer created an entertainment program for cancer sufferers in a home, the Casa Hogar Beato Padre Enrique Rebuschini.
“I have to take my hat off to them, what they’ve achieved!” says Sebastian Hanke, the liaison for the fourth module of the program which focused on social responsibility.
STEPforward emphasizes taking responsibility, showing leadership and growing together with your team. These factors are crucial to participants‘ future careers – and to the success of DB Schenker.

Last modified: 18.07.2016

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