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Quality is the key to customers and thus to economic success

DB must improve its quality, and that's why it has refined its strategy. Customer satisfaction is now a primary focus of DB 2020+ and DB's aim to become a profitable quality leader.

We are relying on three aspects to improve quality:

  • Culture of quality: consistent focus on customers and operational excellence
  • Digital expertise: for innovative solutions in our core business and to generate new business
  • Increasing performance: we are taking responsibility and increasing our output 

DB sets great store by its customers' opinions. Independent market research institutes conduct up to six waves of surveys each year, which involves contacting passengers and business partners by phone, in person and online. This gives approximately 140,000 passengers and 1,800 business partners the chance to have their say. In the Transportation and Logistics division, more than 800 of DB Cargo's business partners in Europe take part in the survey process every year. DB Arriva (UK Trains, Bus) relies on such tools as surveys conducted by the independent British passenger association Passenger Focus. DB's individual business units have experienced a stable level of overall satisfaction. DB is gradually expanding its database. DB Schenker began with a survey of customers in the global network, and the first study measuring the satisfaction of bus transport customers is planned for 2013.

It introduced European Operations Management (EUROM) in 2012 – an international production and transport management system, which enables transports to be carried out more efficiently. The program has already been rolled out for all intermodal and automotive services on the North–South corridor, including Alpine transits.  

Last modified: 14.07.2016

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